Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No big surprise

I entered the fourth week of the push up program, and I am slowly starting to doubt whetever I am doing the push ups properly. I might have to redo the fourth week, maybe even the's up to test come saturday.

I wonder if I continue any of this once my work stars for good, which is next monday, I might get lazy as usual. I have mostly forgotten about the pull ups, I do them now and then but haven't achieved any great progress so far. The sit ups are long gone, haven't done a single one in at least a week. Luckily the push ups and the occasional pull ups do train the abs a bit. Not much, but a bit. And given that I am naturally skinny(not a skeleton, just skinny) I get great abs without doing almost nothing at all.

However, when it comes to jogging there I have been persistent. I've increased the lenght from 3,5 kilometers to 4,5 kilometers. Also increased the speed. My breathing is now excellent, as I found the perfect, or near perfect, style for my running and now my progress is only tied to my leg muscles which are gradually improving.

I also noticed that when I am running and I start to ponder my life, and when I get that depression or frustration or anger...or maybe combination of all those, I speed up my running. Funnily enough, I only discovered this last week, should concentrate on the running more...luckily I no longer do that and I am now in perfect control of my running.

Also, might move to Ireland come next January, I'll see about that.

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