Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ankle hurts

Yeah, well woke up and felt like going for a jog. However streched my legs a bit, and the ankle again said 'no'. So instead I did the 1st day of the 2nd week of the push up program. While it was only 60 push ups in total, I had some difficulties. Maybe it's because of the pull ups...however, I did do the push ups still, and should be able to complete week 2 in a few days.

Anyways, it's weekend and there's absolutely nothing to do. Don't even feel like hanging out with friends. Not to mention that there isn't much I could even do with my friends.
Go to the beach? What beach?
Go for a beer? Why, to drink myself sensless...because god knows that's what's gonna happen.
Go for a coffee? Where? Don't feel like sitting in some gas station 'restaurant' drinking coffee.

Perhaps I'll take a walk later on and see if the legs can take that.

Did the normal 3x4 pull ups, was a bit hard. I think I'll hold a pause on them tomorrow.

Anyways, our fantastic Prime Minister mr. Matti Vanhanen is on the roll again. Today he announced that the working time should increase instead of decreasing(some poll recently showed that finns rather take more holidays than extra pay). So now the man wants that to increase the workhours. Fine. I would agree, if it would mean something else than more taxes.

I mean working isn't really beneficial when the government takes half of your hard earned money. And what does it use them on? Fuck if I know, not on me for sure.

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