Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some more work, perhaps?

You work all night, and you work all day. Sometimes you get a few hours of sleep, maybe a decent meal. But then you're back to work. You do this from day to day, from week to week and from year to year. Sometimes you might get a day off, sometimes a week off. Perhaps you'll go to a far away place, where you will live like a king for a week. Perhaps the people there do the same.

But this is not enough, they want more, they need more. And you and the millions like you are the only ones to satisfy their needs. Still, it is for your own best, for without them the system would not work, and you would have nothing.

So you do your work, you go home and watch your tv. You feed your kids and say them goodnight, then might read a book. Maybe a magasine of how to increase the feng shui in your apartment. Then you fall asleep only to wake up for another day of hard work. And they promise one day you don't have to work. They all promise that.

And they take some of your money, they say someone else needs it more. And you say you rather don't give them any, but you have no choice. And they say that maybe some day it could be you who needs such help. And they know better, they use their words to impress you and they use your guilt to silence you. Afterall, someone has to work, why not you?

And then, for once in your average life, you fall sick. That's what the system is for, no? But if it's not flu, or if you forget to fill in a paper, you forget to contact someone, then they will not approve. They say your cheating, they say they can't help you, even if they wanted to. And you have to cope with it. So that's what you do, you cope with it. Why? Because there's no other choice. You pay the debts you have yourself financed. And they hope you have better luck next time. They say that this one incident, it's just one incident. Otherwise the system works great.

Of course, they themselfes don't use the system, they don't need to; they are rich. Only the poor need to work, the system is designed to keep the rich floating and the poor struggling. But as well all know, no one has ever got rich by working.

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