Thursday, July 17, 2008


So a few days ago, upon returning from a little vacation, I decided to train myself into top shape. Reasons for this are plenty enough, but those are cast aside for now.

Last tuesday I started with a 3,5 km jog, took about 20 minutes. About 50 push ups, and 3x3 pull ups. I originally also planned for a 4x20 sit ups, but I am always lazy with those and only did one set of 30.

The push ups are actually according to this program:

Six weeks all in all, but I am going to push it through in 3. Anyways, I was so bored that in the evening I did the same jog again.

On wendesday I woke up with my legs feeling like shit, and decided to postpone the jog until evening. I continued with the push ups, and did it pretty easily. Also did a 2x20 set of sit ups and a 3x3 of pull ups. In the evening I went for a jog, it was hard but I pushed it through.

Today my legs felt like a bit dead. I took a few running steps and decided not to run at all today. I continued with the push ups, completing week 1. It actually started to feel a little hard, but I still managed to finish the set with some extra. Tomorrow I'll take a rest of the push ups and then see if I can continue with week 2 of the program.

Sit ups are still not something I am comfortable with, I only did 2 sets of 20. Should up that t at least 3 sets of 20. I did the normal 3x3 pull ups, rather easily. I think I will increase that to 3 sets of 4 pull ups tomorrow...depends how I feel in the morning, as my arms might be a bit sore from all these push ups.

Oh well.

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