Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Job interview, wtf

So I decided to walk/jog to the place where my job interview was. It was about 5km's there, and I got there in about 45 minutes. The weather of course was normal finnish summer weather; in other words rain. I do hate rain.

Anyways, the people there had decided that instead of a job interview they just bunched all the applicants together and show the factory. There were 6 people there, and to my undrestanding 4 openings. I knew from the beginning that I should kiss some ass to make sure I got the place...but the problem is that I don't do that. Funnily enough, there was some older woman there who obviously knew the same, and was laughing at their jokes and talking all the time. I exchanged a few words, and the rest didn't even say that. I hate 'interviews' like that, they just showed us the places...as if I've never before seen a factory.

Well, once I got out of there the rain had stopped, so I decided to jog back home. Didn't quite make it, depsite having full days rest yesterday, as I had to walk a few times. Problems with breathing this time, must still be all that tobacco I used to smoke. And the flu. And my allergy. Took me about 35 minutes to get back.

I still need to do the push ups later today. Plus, some sit ups wouldn't hurt.

Okay...I did the push up test. And I got 40. No good at all. Didn't do any sit ups.
I guess I should really have a few days of rest before continuing.

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